Translation Progress of the Harmony of the Law Volume 3

You can download the Spanish version of Calvin's Preface to the Harmony of the Law here.

Translation Progress of the Commentary on Micah

Translation Progress of Psalms 1 — 41

Translation Progress of Obadiah


We have already finished the translation of the firts two volumes of the Harmony of the Law, but they are a total of four. We are also translating Psalms and the Minor Prophets. We need people who are willing to give to this cause. You can give a one-time donation or you can commit to a monthly donation. These donations are meant to fund the translation and publication of these historical volumes. Be a part of this blessing for the Spanish-speaking Church in Latin America and the whole world.


Alonzo Ramírez is an author and translator for CLIR. He has chosen to translate Calvin's Commentaries on Psalms. He has translated Psalms 119 to 134, and 135-150. He is currently working on the translation of the commentaries on Psalms 1 to 41.

Daniel J. Lobo has worked as a translator for CLIR for several years. Calvin's Commentaries have always been in his heart. In fact, he has translated the Commentaries on 2nd Peter, Joshua, Genesis volume 1, and has translated the first two volumes of the Harmony of the Law. He is currently working on the third volume.

Donald Herrera has worked on several projects with CLIR. He translated One or Two by Peter Jones, among others. He also translated Genesis volume 2, Amos, Hosea, and is currently working on the Commentary on Micah.

Valentín Alpuche has also translated several books for CLIR, among them, Christianity and Liberalism, and What is Faith, both by John G. Machen, as well as Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism. He translated Calvin's Commentary on Zephaniah.


To make your donations, you can use the following addresses, or you can click on the Donate button to do it through PayPal. If you want more information, you can contact us.You can also visit the project's official Facebook Page by clicking the Facebook icon below.

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